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Brochures Portfolio

Brochures - A Call to Action

The brochure creation process begins with planning. We begin by establishing your audience and determining the objectives of the brochure. Is it to attract attention? Are you trying to build interest in what you are selling? Are you trying to provide your audience with the information that they need? Do you want new customers to come into your store? It is always important to include some call to action. A call to action could take the form of a coupon, a phone call, or a limited time sales opportunity. Below are some examples of our work. Click an image to view the slide show.

BCOCPA Corporate BrochureFolders: Brilliant General Maintenance, D.A. Santos & Associates
Hospice By The BaySelect Building Services Folder
D.A. Santos, Pacific E-Document Tri-Fold BrochuresAlexandra Hayes, Architect brochure
The Peace Alliance Folder