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I can't speak highly enough about my feelings and overall experience working with ARICA Design and Arlene. She is thoughtful, hard working, and more importantly she leads you continuously toward your goal. She helps you see the pitfalls and downfalls of decisions, and is always focused on providing what it is you want and need.

I can't imagine working on our website without her help. I trust her judgment on design, and she brings this wonderfully upbeat approach to every task and every objective. She sticks to her timelines which as a business person, we all know how important this trait is when working within a budget.

Arlene has provided me with the type of guidance you can only dream about when picking a web designer. I never felt that Arlene was watching the clock or trying to get me to agree with something to make more money. Her goals and objectives at all times was to please me within a realistic timeframe.

I highly recommend anyone either a veteran in Web, or a novice, that working with Arrica will get you what you want and more. You'll have fun and achieve your desired outcome. Her take on the user experience is right on the money. Instead of getting stuck on some ego trip Arlene leads you to your ultimate vision, whether or not you knew it or not. It becomes apparent as the process unfolds. She is extremely skillful at all aspects of web design.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Arlene, and plan on continuing to work with her as our site grows and grows. I can't thank her enough for taking the pressure off of me by providing me with a wonderful working partner.

I wish them the very best

Bregante + Co LLP

We at Bregante + Co LLP have been working with ARRICA Design for over 4 years. The projects they have worked on include rebranding our logo, re-designing and maintaining our website and creating a new brochure for our CPA firm. They also work on all of our print advertising, including photography and copy writing. The work they do is beautiful, creative and very cost-effective. They are flexible and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend ARRICA Design to anyone looking for a great graphic design company.

Jeff Belingheri,
Managing Partner, Bregante + Company LLP

Earnest & Granskog

We hired ARRICA Design in 2009 to help us re-brand our business and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. When we started our business, we did not end up having the time to execute a solid, well designed, and meaningful set of marketing materials and branding images. It hurt us in the marketplace.

ARRICA provided enormous insight and took many hours to listen to and hear about who we are as business owners, as well as who our business is and who our target audience is. We wanted to have unique branding and design work done to match the uniqueness of our business model in our sector and they did just that and much more! They are professional, insightful, great to work with, flexible, and hit all deadlines like clockwork.

There are a lot of graphic design shops out there ... they are much, much more than that. They are a marketing and branding partner that brings a huge amount of value to the table from both a design and content perspective. We were tough clients to work with and they came through with flying colors and sophisticated work far beyond what we had hoped for (it also helps that they have a great sense of humor)!

Nicole Earnest-Payte,
Managing Partner
Earnest & Granskog

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT--the heart around the details of my location. It just looks overall fabulous. I couldn't be more pleased--I never thought a business card could make me feel so proud and yet it does. AWESOME!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Susan Kokke
Susan Kokke, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist